Can I Leave My Corn Snake Home Alone? 

Many people’s lives are incomplete without their pets. Animals, whether snakes, dogs, cats, rodents, birds, or any other species, provide a variety of emotional advantages. Each of these species has different characteristics that help them to adapt to different families. 

Snakes can be excellent companions. Although these animals require minimal care, it is important that you do your research on the specific species you plan to acquire as well as request additional information from your veterinarian. One of the most common snakes acquired as pets are the corn snake. 

Corn snakes are an excellent choice for a novice snake owner. Apart from nature, these snakes may be found in a variety of houses across the world, where many people acquire them as pets. 

Corn snakes are a kind of non-venomous snake that may be found in the United States’ south-eastern regions. They live in food-rich fields, meadows, woodlands, and rural places. Corn snakes are among the most peaceful and gentle reptiles on the planet. When they are stressed, they do not bite, defecate, or constrict. 

Corn snakes have a long, thin body that may reach a length of 60 cm to 182 cm. They feature red spots and bands on the lateral sides and back of their body and are generally dark yellow or orange in hue.

This animal’s belly is covered with black and white patterns. It’s vital to understand that the color of the body varies depending on the habitat since it may camouflage itself. 

One of the most common questions newcomers have is whether or not their corn snake may be left alone at home. Corn snakes do not become lonely because, as you will see below, they have adapted as solitary animals. 

Do Corn Snakes Suffer from Separation Anxiety? 

No! Corn snakes, unlike many other animals, are not sociable creatures. They don’t have the same aptitude as other animals to understand social interactions. Actually, snakes, in general, do not form bonds or need to receive affection and love. They are only interested in staying at a suitable temperature and eating. 

Can a Corn Snake Really Be Left Home Alone? 

An anthropomorphized animal is one of the most common pet owner blunders. This simply implies that humans have a predisposition to imagine that snakes feel and think the same thing we do about life, and they do not. There are certain creatures that can have sentiments similar to humans, but corn snakes are not one of them. 

Fear and aggressiveness are the key feelings that the snake brain has evolved to experience. That helps to explain why these reptiles don’t react well to other snakes. If they are terrified, they will want to leave. Now, if they are aggressive, they may behave badly. 

Corn snakes are incapable of feeling loneliness, which is an emotion only sociable animals may experience. Most snakes may be left alone for 1 week or two if they are fed and get enough suitable drinking water. Any lights or heaters should be placed on a timer, and the snake should be fed 2 days before you leave in case of regurgitation or excrement. 

Some corn snakes in the wild only eat once every 1–2 weeks and are able to get all the nutrition they need to be healthy and active. Some snakes can spend up to two weeks without eating and yet be healthy. While you are away from home, your corn snake must have the following: 

  • Water 
  • Heaters 
  • A suitable habitat 
  • Good tank temperature settings 

Can I Leave My Corn Snake with Another Animal of This Type? 

Many people will think that leaving a corn snake alone at home for a long time will affect them emotionally and that an effective solution would be to acquire another animal of this type to keep it company. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work that way in the case of snakes. 

Leaving two snakes alone in the same place could trigger negative situations such as: 


As we have said, corn snakes are asocial animals, so they like to be alone. If we leave two animals of this type together in the tank, it is most likely that one will eat the other. This may be more likely if one of them is larger than the other. 

Negative Emotional Responses 

Remember that corn snakes can feel two basic emotions: fear and aggressiveness. When one snake demonstrates fear or aggressive behavior, the other snake may react in like. Aggression causes harm or death by striking, whereas fear causes tension, which can be physically exhausting and lead to eating disorders. 


Keeping two reptiles of this type together implies that if one has a contagious disease such as respiratory infections, inclusion body disease, or infectious stomatitis, the other will acquire it as well. 

The same happens when a corn snake has parasites. Internal parasites such as worms and coccidia can infect snakes. Mites or ticks may also be present on their skin. These can simply be conveyed from one snake to another. 

Aspects to Take into Account When Leaving Your Corn Snake 


Remember that young corn snakes often need to be fed twice a week to keep growing healthily. Only fully grown adults can be left 1 – 2 weeks without food. 

Heater in Good Condition 

Temperature is one of the most important factors that we must consider when leaving our corn snake alone at home. These snakes prefer the heat over cold, so it is important that the tank heater is in good condition. Similarly, it is a good option to have replacement bulbs in case one break. That way, we will be prepared to install it easily and prevent our snake from being affected by the cold. 

Installation of a Camera 

You can install a camera system that allows you to monitor your corn snake while you are not at home. That way, you will make sure that everything is in order and that your snake has everything it needs. 

Feeding 2 Days Before 

This is especially important when you are not home for several days. In these cases, it is essential that you feed your corn snake two days before leaving. That will allow you to have enough time to clean the regurgitated food since we have to remember that our pet’s tank must always be clean. 

Should I Let Someone Take Care of My Corn Snake While I’m Away? 

We have already said that snakes, in general, can stay home alone for 1 week or more as long as they have food and a suitable temperature. However, if you have doubts and concerns about leaving your pet alone, then you can choose to hire someone to take care of it, be it a friend, neighbor, or pet sitter. 

It is important to remember that this person does not need to monitor your corn snake every day. Every two days will be enough for your neighbor or a member of your family to make sure that everything is fine. 

If you want to be more cautious, you can hire a full-time pet sitter who will take care of your corn snake 24 hours a day during the time you are away from home.