Can I Leave My Maine Coon Cat Home Alone? 

Bringing a pet into the house brings joy to the entire family. Cats, dogs, hamsters, snakes, birds, and other animals provide several physical and emotional benefits to their owners. Cats may be found in practically every home on the planet. 

Many people believe that all cats are solitary creatures who don’t want to interact with other people or show affection. Some might be, but we can’t draw any inferences from this. Cats are available in a wide range of breeds, each with its own personality and habits. 

The Maine Coon is one of the oldest cat breeds. It is famous all over the world for its peaceful and calm nature, intelligence, and its sweet chirping meow.  

They are very friendly and require a lot of attention from their owners or loved ones. They can get along with other animals, children, and even strangers. 

As a predominant physical characteristic, we can highlight its large size. It is known as one of the largest domestic cats in the world. It has a long muscular body, and its coat is long, featuring a brindle pattern in white and brown, although they can come in many other colors. 

Due to the personality of this type of cat, it is important that the owners of these cats know if they can stay home alone or not. 

How Long Can Maine Coon Cats Be Left Home Alone? 

Maine Coon cats can be left alone for a limited amount of time. These friendly felines dislike being alone and want to be with other people. They enjoy human company as well as communication with other animals. A Maine Coon cat will become stressed and worried if left alone for extended periods of time regularly. 

Maine Coon cats are unlike any other cat breed you’ll come across. While they may appear to be identical to cats in every manner, their mental and social demands are significantly more distinct and are often compared to those of dogs. 

Although Maine Coon felines are incredibly self-reliant and physically capable of surviving in the wild, this does not imply they desire to. Instead, the Maine Coon feline breed has flourished since being domesticated several generations earlier by forming intimate ties with its human families.

They’ve become increasingly reliant on their masters for affection, love, and companionship, as well as basic needs like water and food. 

Maine Coon cats must not be left alone in the house for more than 12 hours at a time. On the other hand, some feline breeds can be left for up to 24 hours if they have fresh litter and their food and drink needs are met. However, for a typical cat, 8–12 hours is considered more optimal. 

To be more specific, the amount of hours that a Maine Coon can stay alone according to their age is: 

  • Under 4 months old: 4 hours 
  • Between 4 and 6 months old: 5 hours 
  • Between 6 and 24 months old: 8 hours 
  • Above 24 months old: 12 hours 

Other cat breeds, which are known for being aloof and independent, can spend significantly longer on their own. They do not require the same level of companionship as a Maine Coon cat, so they are less concerned if left alone. To be happy and satisfied, this cat needs a lot of stimulation and social interaction. 

As a result, if a Maine Coon is left alone for an extended period, their mental and physical health is compromised, as they are likely to feel bored and lonely.

While this may not appear to be a major concern at first, owners must be aware that the Maine Coon feline breed is socially dependent on its family and will become worried, unhappy, and stressed if left alone for a long period. 

Working at home is not an option for everyone. As a consequence, if you plan on spending a lot of time away from home, the Maine Coon cat might not be the greatest choice for you. If you insist on having a Maine Coon, consider getting a second cat, either of the same breed or a different one, to provide your socially dependent Maine Coon with the companionship it craves. 

Consequences of Leaving Your Maine Coon Alone for Many Hours 

If you have left your Maine Coon alone too long, you may see certain signs of depression on it. Your pet could even become destructive. 

Maine Coon Cats Destructive Behavior 

If they become a problem, you’ll be able to tell right away. Although each feline is unique, destructive behavior includes biting and eating anything that should not be consumed, such as cables. They can cause havoc on decorations and other items around the house. They may have even urinated or defecated in locations where they shouldn’t have. 

Maine Coon Cats Depression and Loneliness 

Although a lonely or sad cat may be destructive, it may also show other signs of loneliness. Anxiety, crying uncontrollably, and hostility are just a few instances. These qualities might appear in many different ways. 

Separation anxiety is a problem for some Maine Coons. A variety of factors, including excessive meowing, biting, and weight loss, may indicate this. They may even poo or pee in an unusual location. As a consequence of its worrying behavior, your cat may become shy and scared of new situations or people. 

What Should I Do to Prevent My Maine Coon from Feeling Lonely When I am Not at Home? 

There are several things that cat owners can do to prevent loneliness and entertain them while they are away: 

A Companion 

Alone time at home could be detrimental to the mental health of Maine Coon cats. As a result, the most convenient option to care for your cat while you are away is to hire someone to do so. 

You are free to invite one of your friends over and spend as much time as you want with it. They’ll make sure the cat is always safe and content. You could also consider hiring a pet sitter to look after your Maine Coon. The cat’s affectionate and outgoing disposition should come in handy in this situation. 

A feline companion will be great, but a dog would also help your Maine Coon deal with your absence. Some cats prefer playing or cuddling with other animals, while others simply appreciate being around another feline companion. 

Food and Water 

Owners must make sure that their Maine Coons have food to eat while they are at home alone. To avoid any health issues, ensure it’s appropriate cat food. 

If left alone at home, owners must ensure that their Maine Coon has a steady amount of drinking water. That is vital because cats can become thirsty very fast. 

Maine Coon Cats Toys 

Buying a number of interactive toys can also come in handy in this situation. You should look for engaging toys that will keep your Maine Coon occupied for several hours. When you’re not at home, it should be enough to keep the cat in a stable state of mind. 

Maine Coon Cats Exercise 

Despite being a sturdy cat breed, Maine Coons are likely to be overweight. As a result, owners must provide their cats with a large, sturdy cat tree to play on. Cat towers are an excellent way for felines to get some exercise, play, and scratch while also keeping an eye on their surroundings from a safe vantage point. 

Radio or TV on 

You might play movies or music to calm your cat and keep them entertained and captivated. Some felines have favorite shows, while others prefer classical music, as hilarious as it may sound. Noises of any kind should be avoided. Only sounds at a normal volume will calm them down. 

Maine Coon Cats Security 

You must block all of the minor openings where the cat could enter and become trapped. You could also ensure that breakable objects aren’t in the cat’s immediate vicinity or out in the open, where they could be knocked over. Another wonderful option is to close all doors and windows to keep the cat from going outside and putting itself in danger. 

Should I Leave My Maine Coon Outside or Inside the House? 

The issue of whether or not a Maine Coon feline should be kept outside is a contentious one, with many supporters and opponents on both sides. 

Several owners, especially those living in milder climates, consider leaving their Maine Coon cat outdoors while they are away. They feel that this will occupy their cat for the entire day and that it will be content to wander and pursue objects. 

Unfortunately, this is virtually always a mistake. Unlike most other cats, Main Coon felines have little to no hunting skills or killer instincts. While this makes them excellent house pets and allows them to socialize with a wide variety of pet species, it also implies that they do not belong in the outside world. 

If you want to let your Maine Coons roam freely, ensure you have a microchipped cat door installed in your entrance or on an external wall. 

Main Coon cats are typically nice and mild-mannered, making them incapable of defending themselves against other cats, stray canines, or even humans. Their safety would be endangered if they were left outside.