Can I Leave My Ragdoll Cat Home Alone? 

Many people own a variety of pets (cats, dogs, snakes, birds, rodents, and so on) based on their preferences and interests. Each of them has distinct physical and emotional qualities. Bringing a pet into the house brings joy to the entire family. Cats are found in almost every home throughout the world. 

Many people believe that all cats are solitary creatures who have no desire to socialize or exhibit affection. Perhaps some are, but we can’t draw any conclusions from this. Cats come in a variety of breeds, each with its own personality and behavior. 

Ragdoll cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. This animal has a number of distinguishing characteristics that enable it to be identified from a distance. Its enormous stature, brilliant blue eyes, and captivating personality are just a few of them. They are born white and frequently have colored spots on their bodies. 

These cats are extremely affectionate with their human family members. They will follow their owners about the house without bothering them. Ragdoll cats, unlike other breeds, may associate with other animals (even dogs) and strangers.

We must remember that they must become accustomed to these outsiders before they may trust them. 

Due to that personality, it is important that the owners of these cats know if they can stay home alone or not. 

How Long Can Ragdolls Be Left Home Alone? 

There are instances when we really need to separate ourselves from our kitties. Some cats are alright with this, but for Ragdolls, it can be rather upsetting because they want companionship and can become unwell if left alone. 

You must never leave your Ragdoll cat alone for an extended period of time. They are amiable animals who require regular attention and contact, so they become destructive or depressed when left alone. Despite this, cats can stay alone for longer periods of time than dogs. 

Cat experts advise against leaving your cat alone for more than 24 hours without monitoring. That is mostly a precautionary measure to check for injuries, spilled water, or other unforeseen conditions, and it may not be appropriate for everybody. However, because Ragdoll cats are so gregarious, some breeders will only offer them in pairs, ensuring that they will never be alone. 

These cats don’t need a lot of attention. They could be left at home while you’re at work or at a school, but keep in mind that they don’t have the same degree of tolerance as other felines. 

Ragdoll cats have a way of showing their affection through closeness and physical contact with their owners. So if they are alone at home for a long time and do not locate their owners, they tend to get nervous and upset. 

Consider all of the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to leave your Ragdoll cat. Consider whether there are any external factors that could make the pet feel uneasy or intimidated. 

One of the side effects of keeping Ragdoll cats alone for an extended period of time is bad behavior. Restlessness, continuous meowing, loss of emotional ties with their owner, and night activity are only a few of them. 

On many occasions, these behaviors cause Ragdoll cats to generate a rebellious character, so they are subsequently abandoned. 

What If I Leave My Ragdoll Cat Alone for a Long Time? 

If you have left your Ragdoll alone too long, you may see certain signs of depression on it. Your pet could even become destructive. 

Ragdoll Destructive Behavior 

You will quickly know if they become disruptive. Although each cat is different, destructive behavior involves biting and eating objects that they shouldn’t, such as wires. They have the potential to destroy decorations and other household items. They could have even defecated or urinated in places they shouldn’t even have. 

Ragdoll Depression and Loneliness 

Although a lonely or unhappy cat might be destructive, it could also exhibit other loneliness symptoms. Anxiety, excessive sobbing, and aggression are examples. These characteristics might manifest themselves in a variety of ways. 

Your feline may become shy and fearful of new circumstances or people as a result of anxious behavior. These cats could also lose their appetite and eat less, sleep excessively, or just poo or mark in unexpected locations. Ragdolls are more likely to cry and be concerned. 

What Should I Do to Prevent My Ragdoll from Feeling Lonely When I am Not at Home? 

When compared to other kittens, the Ragdoll might not do as well when left alone due to their unusually affectionate and curious temperament. Fortunately for Ragdoll fans, there are a few techniques to make your cat feel more at ease and peaceful at home when you are gone. 

A Ragdoll Companion 

Ragdoll cats’ mental state can be harmed by alone time at home. As a result, the easiest approach to care for the cat while you are away is to arrange for someone to look after it. 

You can invite one of your friends over and spend as much time with it as you like. They will ensure that the cat is always safe and pleased. You might also hire a pet sitter to care for your Ragdoll. In this scenario, the cat’s loving and extroverted personality should come in handy. 

A feline companion will be great, but a dog would also help your Ragdoll deal with your absence. Some cats prefer playing or cuddling with other animals, while others simply appreciate being around another feline companion. 

Ragdoll Toys 

Purchasing a number of interactive toys can also come in handy in this situation. You should look for engaging toys that will keep your Ragdoll occupied for several hours. When you’re not at home, it should be enough to keep the cat in a stable state of mind. 

Ragdoll Security 

You must block all of the minor openings where the cat could enter and become trapped. You could also ensure that breakable objects aren’t in the cat’s immediate vicinity or out in the open, where they could be knocked over. Another wonderful option is to close all doors and windows to keep the cat from going outside and putting itself in danger. 

Ragdoll TV on 

To soothe your cat and keep them company and entertained, you could play music or movies. As amusing as it may sound, some cats have favorite shows, while others enjoy classical or popular music. Any form of noise should be avoided. Only sounds at a reasonable volume will calm them down. 

How to Help My Ragdoll to Stay Alone at Home?? 

Make Sure It is Not Overly Reliant on You. 

It does not know how to be alone, which is why it misses you so much when you go. If a cat, dog, or human does not know how to be alone, it is frequently due to tension, worry, and a lack of self-assurance and confidence. 

Use Gravity Bowls 

Another of your feline’s few essential necessities is freshwater. Make sure that your cat has access to water at all times by purchasing a low-cost gravity bowl that distributes more water as it is consumed. 

Add More Litter Boxes 

Allowing a cat’s litter box to become unclean is one of the most disruptive things you can do to them. Adding more litter boxes to the cycle is the greatest measure to avoid this while you are away from home. 

Keep Your Ragdoll in the Right Place 

Many people keep their cats locked in a room without the possibility of leaving it. That could affect your anxiety more. What you should do is leave your Ragdoll in its favorite place in the living room of the house, taking the necessary precautions. If its favorite spot is in a room, leave the prop door open (if there is one). 

Install a Camera 

A camera will allow you to supervise your Ragdoll while you are working. That way, if you notice any situation that could endanger the physical or mental state of your feline, then you can call your neighbors to take care of it for a while. 

Should I Leave My Ragdoll Outside or Inside the House? 

Several owners, particularly in mild climes, consider putting their Ragdoll cat outside while they are away. They believe that this will keep their cat occupied the whole day and that it will be happy to wander and pursue things. 

Sadly, this is almost always a fatal error. Unlike most other cats, Ragdolls have little to no hunting skills or killer instincts. While this makes them fantastic home pets and enables them to comfortably socialize with a wide range of different pet types, it also implies that they do not belong to the world outside the home. 

Ragdoll cats are typically nice and mild-mannered, making them incapable of defending themselves against other cats, stray canines, or even humans. Their safety would be endangered if they were left outside.